KWSA – Juror Talk

Prepare to be Judged

What do jurors look for when choosing art for an exhibit? How can you set your work apart from the rest to capture the jurors’ attention. How does choice of medium, composition, style and size affect your chances. What are the elements of design you should consider when preparing your work for submission to a juried art exhibit. Widen your scope of understanding, whether that be to utilize new ideas in your own work or present your work in a more positive light. Join me for this zoom presentation as we delve into the jurying process and take a look behind the scenes. February 2, 2021 | 7:30. Open to all KWSA members.

Imaging the Night Sky

February – Kitchener City Hall ARTSPACE

I am now curating the heavens!  These astrophotographers are an celestial group of artists that are out of this world! If you want or need a new perspective on life, I recommend viewing this exhibit and listening to the photographers as they talk about capturing the universe for us to see.DSD_ACI_BA_Invite_Feb20_FNL

Kitchener Waterloo Society of Artists

Kitchener Waterloo Society of Artists


featuring Tiina Price ~ Resonance 

March 17 – April 21 2019

Faith Hieblinger, Curator | Andrew Soorah Juror

The Kitchener Waterloo Society of Artists (KWSA) Annual Juried show entitled Contrasts is hosted this year at the Homer Watson House & Gallery.  This year artists explore the use of contrast within a work of art whether it be visually through colour, line or texture, figuratively through symbolic choice of subject matter or spiritually through thought provoking composition.  The theme is examined though a variety of artistic backgrounds, diverse media and rich cultural influences.Tiina-Price-”BREATHE”.-watercolour-201x300

The work of KWSA member, Tiina Price, 2018 winner of the Curator’s Choice award, is a featured as solo artist in her exhibit .  Price chooses to paint with watercolours as it allows the nuances of nature to unfold. “I am continually struck by the play of light on water, the shadows in foliage, the changeability of skies, and the vibrancy or subtlety of colour.”  Price’s paintings celebrate not only the energy and vitality of nature, but its serenity and harmony.